Prime Minister

Prime Minister R.S

Nicolas Pellowski (Raging Scarface) is the Prime Minister of AFIN. He joined during Pre-phase of the Skyline-AFIN War.


Nicolas Pellowski came during the Pre-phase of the Skylin-AFIN War. He started out as a noob to the server and to the game in general. He was alo present during the attack on Mournhold. He and Brian then left to find a new settlement after the siege of Mournhold. After a few days, they settled on top of an oil lake.

Afterwards, Brian and he decided to call themselves the "Greybeards" (reference to the video game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim) for a while. Eventually, he was appointed Prime Minister when AFIN was officially re-established.

He is still residing in Libertas, trying to improve the town slab by slab, along with the other residents of AFIN.


- He canges his avatar every week.

- He started the Antonia wiki.

- His favorite game of all time is Borderlands.