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Skyline Imperial

Skyline is the most industrialized nation in Antonia. They are firm supporters of industrialism and capitalism. Skyline City is the capital city and has a population of 2, but the total population is 5. They are also currently the controllers of the spawn point.


- GLOBALWolf (Current co-leader)

- thatbritishguy (Current co-leader)

- DerJager (Founder of New Berlin)

- swabbie795 (Founder of Canadia)

- forcechoke (Gatherer)


- Skyline Imperial City: The current capital of the nation. It is known for its advanced industrialization. It is a nation composed of many districts that are generally large in size.

- New Berlin: Second city of Skyline. It is ruled by DerJager.

- Canadia: A settlement of Skyline. It is ruled by swabbie795.